ALL CONSTRUCTION SERVICES INC. prides itself on being a full service company.  In addition to our design and construction expertise, we have a vast wealth of service and repair experience. And this experience is ready and available for you at any time from our Handyman Division.  Home repair can range from actual structure repair to appliance replacement, heating , air conditioning and electrical to plumbing and window services.  In a nutshell, ALL CONSTRUCTION SERVICES INC. can replace, maintain and repair ANYTHING.  A bold claim? No, just a simple statement of fact. 

When you place a call to ALL CONSTRUCTION SERVICES INC. and request a handyman, we dispatch a qualified and certified technician, in uniform and in a company van.  Our professional handymen will confirm their appointment, show up on time, accurately assess your problem, provide you with an estimate on the spot, and be able to perform the task immediately.

Savings and incentives.

ALL CONSTRUCTION SERVICES INC. believes that a happy and contented customer is the best possible advertising.  In addition to our quality services, we also keep an eye out for creative ways to save money, and then to pass those savings along to our customers.  This can be in the form of specials and coupons, manufacture incentives, and new customer referral bonuses.  ALL CONSTRUCTION SERVICES maintains close ties to all of our own suppliers, and when they have special offers available, we prefer to share them with our customers.  For instance, you may not be quite ready to remodel your kitchen.  One day we may find a special on kitchen appliances, and those price savings may be just the ticket to get your kitchen remodeled ahead of your timetable.



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